Monday, 24 October 2011

30 Days towards victory (Day 28th )

In Surat Al Insyirah, in the 5th and 6th versus, Allah has state that;

"Surely, with each difficulty there is ease".
And this versus has been the key phrase in this surah. Conversely, the reader is asked to continue their work diligently, even when it grows simple again - for God Himself is what you are working for.

I can see a sign of frustration on Mr Fairuz face when he giving back my Mathematics paper. I don't get a good marks that can satisfied him. I'm really sorry, I realise my mistake. I have done my best preparation before answering the test but for the God will, I really nervous during answered the questions that make me can't do it well. Maybe there is a value that I can learn beside for what has been happen.

As usual, when I am getting wrong in answering the questions, I will do the corrections. That has been my habit since I am in primary school when the teacher will always asked me to turn a to a new page of book just for do the corrections. Amazingly, just with a simple discussion from Mr. Fairuz, I can do back all the questions in just 10 min but in the real exam, one hour is not enough for me !!!

And now I realized the value of doing corrections. I believe that when we are doing the mistake, we would not want to repeat it back for second time. We will become more conscious. On the same time, we will also give our better attention compared to previous time. And lastly maybe that is mean by, "Surely, with each difficulty there is ease". 

p/s; Please do your correction.......

Sunday, 23 October 2011

30 Days towards victory (Day 29th )

Today is Sunday again and Alhamdulillah for this Sunday, I can spend my time at college. As usual most of students having their 'balik kampung'. Only few students who are staying here including me.
One of my favourite part during weekend is there are not many people here. It is a very tranquil and relax atmosphere. Even though it is a weekend but there is still a lot of work that need to be done.

Since that is about a month that I'm not mopping my room, I'm doing a spring cleaning today. After about half a day, I'm continue with my homework. Yup, a lot of homework that need to be completed.
Sorry. that only what I can write. There are no any interesting story for today because it is still a same weekend that I always have before this....................................................................

p/s: Exciting for this coming Wednesday

Saturday, 22 October 2011

30 Days towards victory (Day 30th )

Today my phone alarmed me. "30 Days more Rosman !!!", that what has been written on my phone. I see on my calandar and also my countdown board. Yap exactly 30 days and it is not wrong. No more reasons for this time, I must do my best preparation !!!

I realise now that it is about 4 month I have been in Kolej Mara Seremban. I like this place and I been infatuated with it. With the present of friends and teachers, my life have been more colourful. However, I need to admit that I still cannot find my right momentum at here and my mid-sem result have prove it. I get a very bad result. Sometimes I'm always take a lot of time to think about it. Why the others who are relax with their life and rarely to see them study can obtain excellent result compared to me? Yeah I, really jealous with them but thanks to my friend who has been answered my questions-"It is all about His Rezeki to His slave and never asked about it. Everybody have their own. Maybe with your failure, that will make you always you constantly in your study until in the end. Perhaps maybe that your rezeki, who knows???"

Until now I'm still hold with these words, "Belajar mana yang tak susah kan...". I know that I have make a mistake and now I will do my best to correct it. With effort and doa, I  hope that I can get a better result. 30 days before the exam, anything can happen!!! Insya- Allah in this 30 days, I will share my life with the readers because I know that everyday days,every hours and every seconds I should enjoy that moment and take a lesson for what has been happened. In the same time I also want to improve my English especially my writing because I will seat for my first General Paper exam end of this semester. That's why I make this writing. Frankly, writing a full factual essay is really hard for me but I know I must do something and just not saying it is hard without doing anything. To all readers who are good in English, please correct me if I do any mistake.

Hope all of you enjoy my reading. Give a comments or critics so that I can improve myself and please pray for me and I'm surely will do a same thing to you.

p/s;Always remember that every obstacles that happened are required us to be better and the best!!!

Kem Remaja Ad Din

Here are some pictures that I snapped during the camp using my compact camera. Sorry, most of the pictures representing my view. Maybe it is a little bit hard to be understand. I suggest you to watch all these pictures with the view of art. One picture can tell you a thousand words!!! =)

Peace no war???

Full of attention


Light of blessing


Who snap who and what the others thinking???

Write as much as you can......

10 heads are better than one.....


~No comment~

Time for packing....

p/s:  Jazakallahu khairan IPI for hold this camp. May Allah bless you all. Hopefully the next camp will be better

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Si Dia (Coretan 1)

Semuanya bermula pada hari ini, apabila apa yang dikatakan selama ini oleh sahabat penulis, benar-benar terjadi pada di depan kepala penulis sendiri. Memang sukar untuk dipercayai. Dari balik bayangan tiang, penulis cuba mendapatkan fokus yang lebih tepat, seakan masih tidak percaya lagi dengan mata sendiri. Ya Allah!!! Adakah ini dugaan Mu terhadap Dia. Serta merta penulis segera teringatkan ketika di zaman sekolah dulu. Ya! Kejadian yang sama jugak berlaku cuma kali ini keadaanya lebih kritikal tidak seperti apa yang pernah berlaku di sekolah dulu.

Memang, selalunya berita - berita mengenai seseorang mudah sahaja tersebar, ditambah lagi dengan kawasan kolej yang kecil, sudah pasti itu tidak menjadi satu masalah. Namun pada suatu petang, Si Dia muncul lagi dengan membuat satu kejutan. Dia seperti mahu menyampaikan sesuatu,tapi apakan daya, apabila Dia dianggap begitu...

Cuma sekarang apa yang penulis dapat katakan, kenapa rakan-rakan Dia membiarkan Dia keseorangan. Di manakah dulu rakan yang dianggap teman hidup dan mati? Tiada usaha yang dilakukan untuk untuk membantu Dia? Guru mahupun rakan? Penulis tidak mahu membuat anggapan yang buruk? Mungkin sudah ada tindakan diambil tetapi penulis sahaja yang tidak tahu kerana penulis merupakan pemerhati dari jauh. Tapi penulis sentiasa melihat Dia dalam dunianya sendiri.....
Di manakah yang lain???

p/s; Thun Zhu Art of War???Mungkin itu puncanya???

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Karnival Penghayatan Bahasa dan Jati Diri

Yup,this is my first competition that I joined since I be in KMS and I'm too excited, and also nervous B-) .Karnival Penghayatan Bahasa dan Jati Diri has been held for about 3 days at Kolej Mara Banting. 

There are 10 college who are participated for this carnival and I'm represent my college for 'fun debate' competition. It is a very different debate that I have ever joined before. Yup, as it name is 'fun', it is very fun and enjoyful debate. Thanks to Kmbians who have been introduced me a new way of debate. Maybe soon I will do the same debate at my college. Because this is my first trial, I lost in second round. By the way, I want to say congrats to my partner Farah, eventhough we not work as a team but you have do your best. Hopefully when there is another opportunity, we can work as a team again. 

My journey is not end at here only. For the rest of the days,I'm helping my friends by giving my best suppprt to them. Congratulations to banner team, the poet, skit participants,colours of Malaysia members and last but not least to pantun team for getting a place in the competition. The college spirit reminise me during my school time. I also gain some new experience here when I watch the pantun competition and now, I know the compotition have been conducted. 

Three days at KMB, teach me a lot of things. Many of colurful memories and experience that I can use as my guidance for my challenging college life;the atmosphere,the culture,the people.......Hopefully I can come here again soon and the most important is, my home (KMS) is still the best!!! 

p/s: One of the lesson that I get; there is always people who is better than don't always think that you are the best :-D
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