Saturday, 22 October 2011

30 Days towards victory (Day 30th )

Today my phone alarmed me. "30 Days more Rosman !!!", that what has been written on my phone. I see on my calandar and also my countdown board. Yap exactly 30 days and it is not wrong. No more reasons for this time, I must do my best preparation !!!

I realise now that it is about 4 month I have been in Kolej Mara Seremban. I like this place and I been infatuated with it. With the present of friends and teachers, my life have been more colourful. However, I need to admit that I still cannot find my right momentum at here and my mid-sem result have prove it. I get a very bad result. Sometimes I'm always take a lot of time to think about it. Why the others who are relax with their life and rarely to see them study can obtain excellent result compared to me? Yeah I, really jealous with them but thanks to my friend who has been answered my questions-"It is all about His Rezeki to His slave and never asked about it. Everybody have their own. Maybe with your failure, that will make you always you constantly in your study until in the end. Perhaps maybe that your rezeki, who knows???"

Until now I'm still hold with these words, "Belajar mana yang tak susah kan...". I know that I have make a mistake and now I will do my best to correct it. With effort and doa, I  hope that I can get a better result. 30 days before the exam, anything can happen!!! Insya- Allah in this 30 days, I will share my life with the readers because I know that everyday days,every hours and every seconds I should enjoy that moment and take a lesson for what has been happened. In the same time I also want to improve my English especially my writing because I will seat for my first General Paper exam end of this semester. That's why I make this writing. Frankly, writing a full factual essay is really hard for me but I know I must do something and just not saying it is hard without doing anything. To all readers who are good in English, please correct me if I do any mistake.

Hope all of you enjoy my reading. Give a comments or critics so that I can improve myself and please pray for me and I'm surely will do a same thing to you.

p/s;Always remember that every obstacles that happened are required us to be better and the best!!!

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