Monday, 24 October 2011

30 Days towards victory (Day 28th )

In Surat Al Insyirah, in the 5th and 6th versus, Allah has state that;

"Surely, with each difficulty there is ease".
And this versus has been the key phrase in this surah. Conversely, the reader is asked to continue their work diligently, even when it grows simple again - for God Himself is what you are working for.

I can see a sign of frustration on Mr Fairuz face when he giving back my Mathematics paper. I don't get a good marks that can satisfied him. I'm really sorry, I realise my mistake. I have done my best preparation before answering the test but for the God will, I really nervous during answered the questions that make me can't do it well. Maybe there is a value that I can learn beside for what has been happen.

As usual, when I am getting wrong in answering the questions, I will do the corrections. That has been my habit since I am in primary school when the teacher will always asked me to turn a to a new page of book just for do the corrections. Amazingly, just with a simple discussion from Mr. Fairuz, I can do back all the questions in just 10 min but in the real exam, one hour is not enough for me !!!

And now I realized the value of doing corrections. I believe that when we are doing the mistake, we would not want to repeat it back for second time. We will become more conscious. On the same time, we will also give our better attention compared to previous time. And lastly maybe that is mean by, "Surely, with each difficulty there is ease". 

p/s; Please do your correction.......

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macam lambang bersih 2.0 ja man?

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