Sunday, 2 September 2012

30 Days Picturehunting Challengers|Day 27|Breakfast

A perfect match

"My day will never be perfect, without eating breakfast". That is the first thing I must have before starting my day. Usually around 7 a.m my stomach will get grumbling and rumbling. That is the sign that I have to eat something. Depending on situation, if I can stand for a little bit time, I will eat my breakfast around 8 in the morning. Hmmm, why I'm must have to be like this? Maybe my past schooldays experience in boarding school since I have to obey fixed eating timetable provided. Besides, breakfast give me a good start to the day. Based on the research that have been done, people who are consumed breakfast tends to be more energetic along the day. If you want to lost your weight, skipping breakfast is not a good strategy. On the contrary, it will become bad strategy. Since you are not taking any food during in the morning, you are tend to feel so hungry during lunch. Hence, you will be probably to eat food more than you normally would. For today story behind the picture, here my breakfast for today. A nice hot cup of milo and golden cream crunchy cracker. A match made in heaven. To ensure me to keep feet and healthy and also to prevent over starvation during weekends, I think this the best breakfast that I can enjoyed...... So what is your breakfast for today???
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